SmarToilets® Open IoT Platform



Hardware Product Development


Building-Block Development

Easily build smart IoT products online with our dashboard via simple drag and drop

Pre-configured/Templated Development

Use network modules to create smart products with a few lines of code.

Proven sample product IoT Pre-Code Development

Choose your desired chips to develop smart products with Yunhorn® SmarToilets® IoT lib codes.

Device Management

Register, monitor, manage, and update connected devices globally.

Firmware Updates (JTag & OTA)

Full, incremental, and grayscale firmware update strategies.

Device Messages

Detect events of IoT devices and  send messages, and monitor usage to Apps.

Application Product Development


All-in-One App
Global multilingual app—your smart washroom control hub.
Develop custom smart washroom apps with our SmarToilets® App SDK and UI Biz Bundle.
Online dashboard, zero-coding development, and continuous updates.

Virtual Private Cloud Development


Cloud Development Platform
Build IoT Smart Washroom solutions with Yunhorn SmarToilets®  OpenAPI and hardware product ecosystem.

Big Data Visualization Development


Big Data Visualization Center
Analyze user behavior and device usage to gain insights.
Backend devices Logging Service
Device log storage and query.

Operation & Maintenance System Development


Multiple-Tenants-Lingual App Message Push Service
Send app messages, system messages, and splash screens to users.
Multiple-Tenants-Lingual Customer Service System
View requests, support online responses and progress management.

3rd Party Integration Service


Top Brand App Value-Added Services
Baidu-Xiaodu,, WeChat, WhatsApp, Siri access, App Watch, phone notifications.
Certification Services
WWA, Google Assistant, LoRaWAN®, BLE®, Zigbee, and more.
Custom Development Services
Device control interface customization, Yunhorn Lab & Testing, and more.
More Value-Added Services
More  services to create differentiated competitiveness.
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